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OpenEVSE Energy Monitoring

OpenEVSE provides energy monitoring archetecture for Electric Vehicle Charging Stations as well as energy monitoring devices. The Open Source archetecture provides expandibility to import data from any source.

Energy Management

Create custom dashboards to provide the information you need. Dashboards can be private or shared with others.

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Custom Dashboards
Real-Time Display
Current Measurement

How Fast are you charging?

OpenEVSE sends real-time current information which can be viewed and minipulated. The chart above is real-time data from a 40A Charging station.

Temperature Monotoring

Market leading Safety

OpenEVSE continuously monitors internal charging station temperatures. If things get too hot charge speed is reduces in several steps. At a critical temperature charging is suspended.


How much energy?

How much energy did you use today? this month? this year? OpenEVSE data services continuously monitors charging performance and counts kilowatts for you.

External Sources

Data from external sources

The OpenEVSE Energy management system can accept data from external sources, such as utilities or energy systems. This chart is live data from a 5.8kW Residental Solar in Southern California.

Real-Time Inputs
Data Feeds
Custom Dashboards
Real-Time Display